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Why Direct Companies?


Direct Companies is your trusted partner in technology. We strive to not only serve your business, but to understand your business, so we can offer optimal solutions. Direct Companies understands not all businesses are created equal, so we go the extra mile to ensure you are getting what you need. Technology-based solutions are also not created equal, and it’s our job to find the best solutions for your operations.


Direct Companies prides itself on 24/7 service and support for our partners, offering solutions and service around the clock. We have the capability to solve issues remotely or travel extensive distances to serve needs on-site. Direct Companies has access to private aircraft to deploy to locations across the United States in short notice should we need to be on-site hastily.


Direct Companies understands the value of a skilled and customer-oriented workforce, so we strive to hire and retain the best employees. Our great employees are then empowered to take great care of you and your business through continuous education and growth. We look forward to taking your business to the next level through innovating, automating, and optimizing your technological environment.


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