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Direct Technologies is extensive, providing not only managed IT services and cyber security solutions, but also security camera and access control solutions. Direct Technologies serves clients throughout multiple industries including healthcare, state and local governments, agriculture, auto, commercial real estate, educational institutions, manufacturing, and more. Direct Technologies provides 24/7 service and support and looks forward to assessing and optimizing your technological needs.​ 


Direct Technologies can help you choose and implement the optimal security solutions for your business. An effective security solution is a proactive business investment. You often won’t feel compelled to explore security camera systems options until it’s too late. Let’s start the conversation today.

We are in the business of protecting your business and its people. Implementing access control solutions will keep out unwanted or unwelcomed visitors, allow for keyless entry, and help provide peace of mind knowing your business is more secure than it was before.


Security & Access Control Solution

Unified Communications is a framework for integrating various enterprise communication methods -- telephony, video calling as well as video conferencing, email, instant messaging (IM), presence awareness, and more into a single platform, with the goal of streamlining and enhancing business communications, collaboration and productivity.

Direct Technologies will take your company’s simple phone system beyond its basic function. With a combination of communication tools in one simple interface, your organization can improve productivity, reduce costs, and significantly increase customer service with 3CX phone systems. 

  • Full-service communications tool

  • Interconnectivity between devices

  • Communicate from nearly any location

  • Premise, Cloud & Hybrid Options

  • Connect Real-Time

  • Multi-Channel - Webchat, Social, SMS

  • Advanced Applications - Call Routing, Analytics, Recording

Data Cloud

Unified Communications

We are confident we can build and improve upon your current IT environment.

Considerations for choosing Direct Technologies as your Managed Service Provider:

  • Free up resources to focus on your business

  • Add a team of skilled IT Engineers while eliminating internal IT costs

  • Remote Support reduces overall IT expenses and promotes less downtime

  • Our IT Engineers serve clients both on-site and remotely – based on the issue at hand

  • Managed IT agreements allow for budget friendly support whenever you need it

  • Rather than compiling costs for break-fix issues, you can trust our team to solve your issues in a timely manner – within the bounds of the agreement

  • Access to high-quality hardware for a budget-friendly cost

Computer Programming

Managed IT Services

Direct Technologies has the technology and expertise to optimize your disaster recovery and business continuity planning. We specialize in being your trusted partner in technology. We strive to not only serve your business, but to learn your business, so we can effectively gain awareness of and serve your needs. We have the capability of implementing on or off premise solutions, based on your business needs.

  • Do you have backups of your critical applications?

  • Do you have a plan for inbound and outbound calls?

  • Is your system set up so your employees could work remotely if necessary?

Monitoring Room

Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business from today’s IT security threats is an ongoing process. As businesses and industries of all sizes continue to be targeted every day by cyber criminals and threats, our team remains one step ahead in keeping your vital information safe. We’ll help address potential security risks before they become an issue and provide options designed to specifically meet your business needs.

We strive to help you avoid costly breaches, maintain privacy, and secure your vital information. Today’s cyber criminals are getting smarter, and Direct Technologies works each day to stay abreast of security and prevention best practices.

  • Expert Security Planning

  • Secure Military-Grade Remote VPN Encryption

  • Remediation & Response Procedures

Security Monitoring Screens

Cyber Security

Direct Technologies’ IT strategy and consulting services assist businesses with improving efficiency and profitability. Our engineers have the industry experience and professional tools to accurately assess a business’ IT operation. We look at your IT support services holistically, identifying improvement areas that will have the greatest impact on employee productivity, service levels and customer satisfaction.


  • Utilization of professional tools to assess IT assets

  • Utilization of risk assessment tools to provide comprehensive analysis on network risk

  • Recommendations on mitigation steps based of risk analysis

  • Assessment and “snapshot” budgeting for IT hardware and services

  • Help identify customer goals and priorities

  • Assist with vendor selection

  • Patching and software health assessments

  • Recommendations for third party software control and monitoring standards

Business Meeting

IT Consulting Services

24/7 Service and Support

Direct Technologies prides itself in providing high-quality 24/7 service and support. We strive to be your trusted partner, so service and support rank high on our list of priorities. Direct Technologies leadership and staff will ensure you are taken care of, day or night.

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