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Privacy Policy

Direct Automation is entrusted with the cyber security of highly sensitive control systems and making data available for certain people our clients entrust with their data.

Therefore, our privacy policies are derived with the client in mind and are specific to each client and their individual term of service agreements. Please review your individual service agreement.

Our cyber security and privacy agreements will be custom for your individual needs. You may want, or need, remote support. Or your needs may require complete lockout of your control systems. Please review your individual service agreement.

We do have the ability to share your data with companies outside of your business at YOUR discretion. This can be utilized to streamline partnerships and help with remote support, or bench-marking. This can be report specific, real time, tag specific, tags made anonymous, or another customized approach. This is at the approval of you and your company. The standard approach is to keep a client’s data private, unless the client requests the data to be shared. Please review your individual service agreement.

We will work with you to find out what approach will be best and most cost effective.

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