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At Direct Companies, our teams are our strength. Comprised of a diverse group of individuals, each team is tied together by shared values and objectives. Every member plays a vital role in our collaborative work environment, fostering relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Good People

Our culture is deeply rooted in our core values: Trust, Teamwork, Financial Success, and Excellence. Safety is paramount, providing a secure working environment for all employees. Trust undergirds the foundation of our relationships, promoting a spirit of collaboration. Teamwork is the engine that propels us towards Financial Success. Above all, we are committed to Excellence and Innovation, constantly seeking growth and learning opportunities.

Rewarding Work

At Direct Companies, every role is meaningful and contributes significantly to our mission. Our projects are purposeful, making a tangible impact on our clients. We uphold a transparent and thorough hiring process, aimed at aligning our workforce with our core values. From application review to the final offer, every step is meticulously managed. After recruitment, our comprehensive onboarding process ensures that you are well-prepared from your first day.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Apply - Ensure skills and experience align wit job description.

  2. Review - Applications are reviewed by humans familiar with the talent segment of the job.

  3. Interviews - Seek to hire those who fit our culture and core values with those who are the best fit for the job.

  4. Offer - If you are the right fit and the timing is right, we will extend an offer sheet.

  5. Onboarding - Once you’ve signed your offer, we activate the onboarding process.

Current Openings

Join Our Direct Companies Team

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